• Cara Thiem is a multimedia artist who specializes in graphic design & web design, with over seven year’s experience. Cara is proficient on both PC and Mac platforms, in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, ImageReady, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Interleaf for technical publishing and is currently re-discovering 3DS Max.

• From an early age Cara was exposed to drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, and drama. She inherited her mother’s creative eye and her fathers business savvy. Growing up Cara loved art but found science/technology and ancient history absolutely fascinating and pictured her self being a geologist, anthropologist or perhaps becoming an architect. Yet after learning about digital arts, Cara had found her calling.

She attended the Art Institute of California-San Diego and graduated with honors in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Arts. Since 2003 Cara has been working with a team of other artists creating detailed technical illustrations, tradeshow booth displays, logos, websites, filming and editing videos, ad campaigns, various other print material. And has also put her acting skills to use as an industrial film actress for her company. In addition to acting, Cara is also enjoys fine art as well. Her collection of fine art and paintings can be viewed [HERE].
For fun Cara enjoys hiking, photography, entomology, gardening, and watching movies. When she is not working, Cara enjoys spending time with her family, husband, young son, working out and dreaming of traveling to far off places.